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TurnKey CDF

TurnKey CDF is a consumer order fulfillment platform made up of software components, web services, APIs and database management system. It is a complete software solution written using .NET technologies and used for order dispatching, order processing, and order fulfillment. It is an innovative, high-speed, distributed, TurnKey solution that automates all tasks required to complete the process from point of sales order placement to delivery of a product to the consumer.


iTrack is a mobile app available for iPhones, Android and Windows phones which tracks worker hours at their work site using GPS technology. The main feature of iTrack is a dynamic clock-in algorithm that enables precise detection of phone position based on advanced mathematical computations. iTrack has other advanced features such as real-time boundary tracking, a Google responsive map with colored notifications, dynamic worker timetable and data analytics.


D-EDI (Distributed Electronic Data Interchange) is a business data communication platform that provides standards for exchanging digital data via electronic means. The system is designed to support electronic ordering, shipping logistics, inventory information, stock information, and many other functionalities. The technology behind D-EDI is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) composed of multiple services operating in a distributed fashion. The electronic format employed in the system is a proprietary standard language that allows common business procedures to be transformed into a standard data format and transferred between trading partners.


RevRat is a Remote Desktop Administration tool that allows an administrator to control a remote computer system through the network. RevRat is designed to provide convenient access to a remote system, typically with the intent of managing it, performing maintenance tasks, providing technical support, or executing various operations without being physically present at the target machine. RevRat provides several features and functionalities such as but not limited to: Remote Desktop Sharing, File Sharing, Geolocation Detection, Remote PowerShell, Camera Control and Remote Power Management.

MyProLang Programming Language

MyProLang is a High-Level, Imperative, Object-Oriented, Compiled, Multi-Language, Compiled computer programming language. MyProLang is a C++ syntax-like language that uses various human languages to express its syntax, keywords, variable, function names, coding structures and other program declarations. MyProLang features global and local variable Scopes, Conditional Structures, Control Structures, Data Structures, Function declaration, Arithmetic calculation, Classes, Objects, Inheritance and Polymorphism. MyProLang compiler is over 100,000 lines of code and was experimented in several local schools to help young kids learn the basic concepts of programming in their native languages.

TCMC - Tower Clock Master Controller

TCMC is a computer software built for Windows coupled with an embedded software for Arduino microcontroller. It is a Tower Clock master controller that provides automatic control of Electric-Time minute impulse (MI) in addition to reverse polarity clock movements. It also features advanced Chime and audio system that provide amplified audio output of a variety of digital chimes through loud speakers and amplifiers.